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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Kimchi attended "California Dreamin"...
Kimchi Writes:
Katie – I think it was you that asked the question about potential lawsuit and what have you, regarding the play’s plot. This disclaimer was everywhere; this was included in the handout booklet:

“This play, California Dreamin’, is a work of fiction. Although it is inspired by real people and actual events, it is not, and is not intended to be, an accurate portrayal of real people, real incidents or historical events as they actually occurred” –

The play begins with Peter Folger giving a eulogy to Abigail at her funeral. He is broken hearted, but vows to move on. To minimize her involvement in the shady drug world and keep the family name clean, he hires a private detective to cover up any connection between Abigail, the drugs, and the murderer. The investigator knows Abigail had drugs in her system but he will do his best to keep her name out of the media. (I’ve read this is actually true).

The next scene takes place at the Haight Ashbury Free Clinic in San Francisco where Mrs. Ines Folger is volunteering. Mrs. Folger meets Sunshine (a patient) and invites her to a cocktail party at her home a few days later (yeah, right). Sunshine asks if she can bring her friends.

The Folgers (already divorced) greet their guests; Mr. Folger is angry when the hippies show up so he splits. Abigail does not show up. Mrs. Folger gets a headache and steps outside for some fresh air and sees someone sitting in the shadow. The person is Charles Manson. Charlie uses his charm and charisma to make her feel at ease. He takes her hand and pinches a spot to relieve the headache pain. Mrs. Folger tells Charlie he should go to Los Angeles and meet her daughter Abigail.

Charlie meets Abigail at a party in a home on Waverly Drive, not Harold True’s house, the Donohue house, the other side of La Bianca’s. Abigail’s boyfriend, Wojciech is getting drugged out of his mind. With Wojciech busy getting high, Charlie puts the make on Abigail. They go through a little flirting and when Manson asks her name, she says her name is McGoo. Charlie plays the guitar and sings “Look at your game girl”. (The actor did a very good job of singing and playing this song)

Sometime later...
After meeting with her psychiatrist and goes home to Cielo, Wojciech is having a pool party with a bunch of young girls in bikinis, but Abigail doesn’t know them. She is hurt and takes off to meet Charlie. He sings her a song called “Gibby McGoo”.

Abigail establishes a relationship with Manson and they get high together.

Later at Spahn’s ranch Charlie tells his followers that killing people is okay since “the soul can’t be destroyed”. Charlie strangles Tex when he questions him about his logic.

The play ends at Cielo Drive, a car coming up the driveway, Tex ordering “Halt” – four gunshots are heard, the lights go out and the play is over.

Thanks Kimchi!  You ROCK!!