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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The last time this conversation came-up, I got hold of the actual arrest sheets from the raid.  They're uploaded here... on the blog.  I broke my back for two weeks, trying to prove to myself (and everyone), that "Bryn" was indeed arrested that day.  I really wanted it to be true.  Yes... I've seen the well-dressed guy sitting on the trailer in handcuffs...

Anyway... if I recall (I'm drawing strictly on memory)... 'cuz, I don't wanna go back and look... there were 29 names on the arrest sheet.  Four were minors (children).  Of the 25 adults arrested... only about three gave their real name to the police.  The sheets are 90% aliases!!  Tough task ahead...

I got hold of the "finger-print cards" (also on the blog here)... which the police used in subsequent days, to positively ID approximately 9 more of those "aliases" arrested. 
OK... that's 25 minus 9... no "Bryn" (Lukashevsky... or however that name is spelled) identified yet.  Down to 16 people!!  BUT... the majority of those 16 names left, were females. Thank goodness!

At the time… Cats-Cradle through e-mail correspondence, identified the rest of the male "aliases" for me... I wanna say there were about 5 or so.  I trust her word.  No males left... and no Bryn/Brian Lukashevsky!!  I identified and depleted every male alias on those freakin' sheets... every one... none were Bryn.

Bottom line... even with ALL the original paperwork from that raid... and the help of a few competent friends...  I was never able to prove "Bryn"-"Brian" was actually arrested that day.  By the end of the research... none of the male "alias" names on those arrest sheets were Bryn or Brian Lukashevsky... none of them.  Like I said... it was all researched, analyzed, and discussed to death... and zero.

All six original booking sheets from the raid... and the accompanyiong "finger-print cards" can be found on threads dated April 15 and 16th.  It's ALL here... all the original stuff.  I pretty much explained everything I discovered (or didn't)... as I went along, in the comments section.

The only name (on the arrest sheets) which remotely resembled "Brian"... was "David Brian Hanum".  Acoording to Cats (during my research):  "David Brian Hanum" was just a ranch hand.  His parents owned a ranch in Olancha.

Read ALL the comments on those threads dated April 15 and 16 respectively... (there are only 29 comments total).  I explain (most of) my results/research in the comments section ... as I go...

If ANYONE can produce "proof positive" that "Bryn" was arrested at that raid... based on that (very hard to read) police paperwork... I'd be extremely grateful. Anyone??  It's all aliases.  You HAVE to use the "process of elimination" approach.  I don't see any other way.  And when you do (use that approach)... you end-up eliminating all the male names, before you get to Brian/Bryn. LOL  It's maddening...

As far as I'm concerned... the jury is still out.  All we have... is a photo of an anonymous... well-dressed male, on a trailor ... and another photo (40+ years later) from facebook... that "kinda" looks like the same guy.  I'm NOT saying "Bryn" wasn't an "associate"... I'm just saying... for me, the jury is still out regarding the raid.  Until someone can tell me for sure which name on those arrest sheets, is actually HIM... (and can prove it)... I'm not convinced either way.  If the guy was arrested... ONE of those names HAS to be him.
Today's Email (9-21-11) from Cats...

Hope all is well, and I hope this can clarify for you the mess of B.

The paperwork that everyone is citing for Bryan being in, is a compiled list of Known associates of the Manson family as listed by the LAPD. 

The Spahn Raid report, which you went thru that lists everyone that was arrested, does not contain Bryan's name.  So Bryan may be known for the Crowe shooting association with the Manson Family and thusly made the list of known associates, but he is not on the raid report as being there.

Please visit my friend Cats at:
My thoughts as of 9/22/11:
Bryn's booking photo (mug shot), does not appear to be from the 8-16-69 raid.  Kimchi, Cats and (Vera in the past)... have all indicated... the arresting location listed (on the mugshot)... does not correspond with Spahn's.  In addition... the date on the mugshot is mysteriously missing.

It's very likely that "Bryn/Brian" had association with Crowe, Wilson and Manson.  I'm not disputing these notions.  It's also obvious, that Bryn was arrested at least once... hence the mug shot.  (I believe "Bryn's" information on that "associates list" Beauders keeps referring to... was taken directly off the mugshot).  I also believe there's a pretty good chance, that facebook character is the same guy (from the mugshot).

Here's a few loopholes:
1) Bryn's identity on the original 8/16/69 booking sheets, has not been proven by anyone as of yet... including me.
2) The arresting location on that mugshot, does not "jive" with Spahn's.  Also, the date is mysteriously cut-off.
3) Much less important, but still worthy of note:  The man on that trailer simply doesn't look 6' 1'' to me.  Back in the late 60's... a man over six feet, was a big guy.  Kids grow to be giants now-a-days... but, back then, that was a pretty big dude.  He's appears to be one of the smaller guys in that photo.

My Conclusion:
IF "Bryn" was present at Spahn's for the 8/16/69 raid... (although handcuffed) he wasn't officially arrested along with the others... (maybe he talked his way out of it, explaining he was a one-time guest)... OR, he was arrested... and his name was omitted from the paperwork intentionally... or by mistake.

There are loopholes here.  That's all I'm saying.  All these facts are still far from "proven", and hence... remain "assertions"... which could be true.  Believe me... I wanted to connect all these dots for everyone definitively.  Unfortuantely... as of now... some things just don't add-up.

Just for shits-n-giggles... here's all the "Bryn" photos in one place for comparison.