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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Bruno Ceriotti... the man who compiled the information regarding Bobby Beausoleil's "Orkustra" writes:

Hi guys!

First of all sorry for my very bad english but I'm Italian so I do not speak your language very well (!?). Thanks for posting in your blog my "The Orkustra Family Tree - Shows List", and thanks also to keep alive Bobby Beausoleil's music career. If someone of your is interested in another great chapter of Bobby's career like when he was a member of the legendary rock band Love (yes, that band, you know, Arthur Lee, Forever Changes, etc. etc.), please check it out the official authorized biography of the band that I write last year with the help of all the former members of the band still alive (Bobby too of course!). The book, called "My Little Red Book - Love Day-By-Day 1945-1971", is self-published only in ebook format (PDF file) and you can buy-download it through my book's website here for only 20 bucks:

Thanks! cheers,
Bruno Ceriotti