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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Sharon Tate's niece, Brie Tate... 
is interviewed on "CBS This Morning".
Submitted by Katie!  Thanks Katie!
The subject has been raised (on the blogs) before... regarding Altobelli suing for damages to his property... but, I've never seen the topic discussed on national television, by representatives of the Tate family.

Brie and Lisa discuss Rudy's lawsuit (in this CBS interview) with complete disdain.  At one point, Lisa says (paraphrasing):  
"That, is the absolute worst thing, that can happen to a victim's family".

I don't know... I think that's a bit strong...

It's all VERY unfortunate... but (as the interviewer said, herself) someone has to clean the mess... and more importantly... if $250,000 worth of damages are sustained to a property... someone has to absorb the loss.  Why should that person be Rudy, any more than the Tate's or Roman?

Put yourself in Rudy's shoes.
Would YOU be willing to write-off $250 grand in damages to your property... just to be a nice guy?  Would YOU get down on your knees, and sop-up the blood yourself... out of sheer sensitivity to the situation?

It's a tough issue... but, I think Rudy is getting an unnecessarily bad rap here.  Brie and Lisa's opinion(s) are a bit over-blown.

Rudy never said (or implied) directly... that the victims were personally responsible for their own murders... just because he wanted to be reimbursed for his losses.  Brie and Lisa communicate that very message, in this interview.  I think that's a slightly extreme and distorted perception, on their part.  
Ask yourself:  Is being held responsible for rental property... the same as being held responsible for your own murder?  In my mind... it's not a direct correlation.

My personal experience, is that, when you rent property... (whether it be a house or car)... you are... to a very large degree... more responsible for that property, than the owner himself, while it's in your possession.  Dilligaf???  I'm assuming a judge agreed with Rudy (and I), if Mr. Tate cleaned the floors?
At any rate... I don't think Rudy had malice in his heart, when he sought damages.

How would Rudy have known the true motive for the murders at that time... when, we ourselves, are still inquisitive?  Does anyone really believe, that it was
Rudy's personal responsibility to investigate the crimes... solve the case... and lay proper blame for the murders... before his house was restored?

I give Rudy a pass.  If I was the owner of the property... I'd want it returned to it's former state (if possible) as well.  As for Mr. Tate cleaning the blood himself... that completely sucks.  But, he certainly could have paid someone else to do it.  That's what I personally would have done...  assuming, I could afford it.
What do you think?
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