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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Official Version of Beach Boys' 'Smile' is Released.
November 1 in the U.S., Capitol will release the Beach Boys' highly anticipated Smile Sessions, collecting tracks from the "lost" album originally recorded in 1966 and 1967. Spinner is streaming the 40-track double CD (or double LP) now.  In addition to the double album, there's also an enormous box set available, containing five CDs, two LPs, two 7"s, a 60-page book, a poster, and "three-dimensional shadowbox lid."

"The fact that it's the sessions that 'Smile' arose out of, you can hear what's behind it," Wilson, 69, said in Beverly Hills home. "Things just squeeze up to where you can hear them, so people can hear how we did it and just how fast we worked. We worked very quickly."  The back story of "Smile," often ranked as rock's greatest "lost" album, has been chronicled many times.
Much More Information Here:,0,4318504.story
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