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Friday, December 16, 2011

Photo of "Anton LaVey, Diane LaVey & Susan Atkins"
Black and White 8x10 Limited Edition Never-Before-Seen
Anton LaVey's son "Stanton", is selling this photo on his Etsy Site for $100.
Description: "This incredible black & white photo taken in The Church of Satan's early days is from a series shot for one of the many men's magazines that Anton LaVey's infamous abode (aka The Black House) was featured in.  This photo was one that didn't make it into any of those exposés and has until now never been seen by the public!  The photo shows High Priest Anton LaVey in ritual setting with High Priestess Diane LaVey on his left and Susan Atkins, nude, to his right.  This photo was taken in 1966 three years before Susan Atkins became a household name as the most violent member of the Manson Family having brutally murdered actress Sharon Tate along with her unborn child in the gruesome Helter Skelter murders of August 8th 1969.  It is a little known fact that Susan Atkins was a member and publicity model for The Church of Satan before she hopped on Charles Mansons "black bus" heading for Hollywood.  This photo is from the private collection of Diane LaVey and has never been seen until now!  Here's your chance to own a haunting piece of Americas dark history.  Professionally restored & printed by Stanton LaVey this Limited Edition B&W 8x10 can ignite flames of fascination from your family & friends!
Story submitted by Miss Spiritual Tramp!  Thanks Missy!