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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Alone With The Devil - Psychopathic Killings That Shocked the World

A book by Ronald Markman and Dominick Bosco-

Published in August 1991, the author tested Leslie Van Houten for the original trial, and testified in her second and third. He also claims to have thought up the idea to change her charge to Robbery Homicide so a diminished capacity defense couldn't be used.

"As a forensic scientist, Dr Markman is often alone in a room with someone who has killed - sometimes without provocation or apparent motivation. After lengthy interviews and evaluations, his findings determine the degree of a murderer's responsibility at the time of the crime and thus influence his sentence in court. This is Markman's analysis of some of his toughest cases, including two of Charles Manson's followers, Marvin Gaye's shooting by his father, the infamous "Vampire of Sacramento" and Norma Jean Armistead, who wanted a baby so much that she was willing to kill for it. The book should appeal to everyone who has a morbid fascination about murder and wants to know more about the people who have killed."

It's not the full chapter, but it's worth a read looking at things from a legal psychiatric perspective.  Here is the link: 

Submitted by Chris!  Thanks Chris!